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Extended biography

Giovanni Pizzitola is an Italian composer and pianist: he was born in Alcamo on the 19th of November , 1975.
Thanks to his father Isidoro, he approached what it would have become the passion of his life: music.

He began his musical studies at the age of 11, and in 2018 he obtained a B.A. degree in Composition at the “Alessandro Scarlatti” Palermo Conservatory of Music – with full marks 110/110, honors and an honorable mention – under the guidance of the masters Marco Betta and Giovanni D’Aquila.

In 2022 Giovanni reaches another important training course, brilliantly achieving the second level academic diploma in composition Master degree M.A.  under the leadership of Maestro Giovanni D’Aquila, at the “Alessandro Scarlatti” Conservatory of Music of Palermo.

He attended international composition masterclass held by the french-argentine conductor and composer Oscar Strasnoy, italian composer and organist Francesco Filidei and the italian composer Salvatore Sciarrino.

His works embrace a savant and emotional language through the typical canons of classical and contemporary classical music, without excluding atonal and minimalist experiences.

In his personal compositional technique, he tends to relate to the classical tradition, recovering concepts such as form, theme and different harmonic systems.

The most significant aspects of his aesthetic are: the free use of ways which are unrelated to the tonal tradition, the rhythms inspired by classical metrics, the use of concrete music elements and the styles recovery of Sicily – his homeland – ancient cultures.

Her compositions are characterized by clear structures that create sonic patterns and spaces, inviting the listener to embark on an inner journey.

The catalogue of his works includes various styles like piano solo compositions, symphonic repertoire, sacred music, musical score compositions, chamber and opera music.

In February 2011 Giovanni gave birth to the opera Prelody, an unusual musical journey that brings the composer closer to a modern and original
meeting point between savant language and soundtrack-style in which melodies and harmonies pass through a current and vigorous Mediterranean atmosphere.
March 2016 was the turn of Oktòw, “a constantly evolving opera”, which contains rhapsodies for piano solo and electronic ambient, inspired by the difficulties of contemporary society.
In 2017, a commission of experts chose Introspezione for the “Bozar Next Generationevent – among the most relevant international events dedicated to contemporary classical composers – included in the “International Rostrum of Composers” project, that took place at the Centre for Fine Arts (Bozar), Brussels.

This musical composition is inspired by The Cretto di Burri (crack of Burri), a wonderful landscape artwork undertaken by the Artist Alberto Burri in 1984, based on the old Italian city of Gibellina. The composition was included in the schedule of the Massimo Theatre (Palermo) for the New Music 2017 event and performed in the ONU Hall on 25th October. Subsequently Introspezione was also selected by the Artistic Director Ulrich Hauschild and performed in the Henry Le Boeufzaal Hall of the Bozar on 19th November.

In June 2018, Giovanni conceives Analepsis – a piano, choir and orchestra suite – which shows an important poetic and dramaturgical turning point in his career as a composer.
In this work, Giovanni summarized philological and musical aspects that are enclosed in his rich experience at Palermo Conservatory of Music.

The composition was shown at the final exam of the academic path and performed by orchestra and choir in the Ferrara Hall of Palermo Conservatory of Music, on the 10th of November, 2018.

On 23 March 2022 on the occasion of the final exam of the second level academic course in composition, at the A. Scarlatti Conservatory in Palermo, in the splendid setting of the Rosario di S. Cita oratory, the composer presents a stage version of some arias taken from his own work entitled “Esopera” lyric tale in three scenes on a libretto by the Master and playwright, Chiara Lidia Giacopelli.

His works are currently edited published by Universal Edition (Vienna).

For Pizzitola, music is a holistic sensory experience. She sees her music as an reflection of her individual artistic vision, a unique expression that invites the listener on a journey through multidimensional soundscapes.